Daisy, German Shepherd Followup

If you’re the curious type, like me, you are interested in knowing about “Daisy,” Robert’s dog who has been ill recently.

Robert was kind enough to send us an update:
“Daisy” has endured 5 days of illness, $3,000 & much stress on both of us.  She’s fine and no one knows what caused it.  My guess?  She ate something bad or drank some stagnant water from a puddle or backyard fountain.

So, there you have it.  Pretty good Christmas present, I’d say, to have your pet well.  And, sometimes, we simply don’t know the cause of minor and major illnesses.  Symptomatic, supportive therapy can sometimes get patients through health problems while the body heals itself.

Merry Christmas, and see you Monday,
Dr. Randolph

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