Do Not Feed People Food To Pets

Today’s Post will be short and sweet. It’s something I feel very passionate about.

Don’t feed people food to your pet.   Table food. Human food. Table scraps.  Whatever you want to call it, dogs and cats need to eat dog and cat food (respectively).

Anything you add to your pet’s diet has the same effect as taking something away from his food: it imbalances his diet.

Some human foods are actually OK, even to a hardcore food fanatic like me. I will approve of carrots and green beans for overweight dogs. Either can be good as a treat or to provide fullness before meals.

What we need to avoid is sweet, fat and dangerous foods.


Trimmed fat from meat.

Food you left on your plate. Don’t scrape this off into his food bowl or save it to put on top of his dog food.

See you Monday, Dr. Randolph.



  1. Hi Dr. Randolph

    Thanks for the post card reminder to visit and read your blog. I have it bookmarked now.

    Hope your wife is doing better and that all is well with you.

    Freaux Freaux is fine. No people food for her…..


  2. Dr. Randolph,
    Recently when you saw Hoagee you told me I needed to cut back on his dog food. This is really strange because I was getting online to ask you if I could supplement some of his dog food with green beans, as someone recommended it to me and here I find a story on it. Now, my question is how much/many green beans should I give him with his dog food, and any particular brand?
    Thank you so much for your time and I have added myself to your daily post via email.
    Kay Cohen

    • Green beans make a tasty and convenient low-calorie dog treat as long as they are not cooked in the manner we Southerners usually cook everything: in grease! Right out of a can is fine, and a daily allowance of one bean per pound of body weight per day is a good starting point. So, a 60 pound dog could have UP TO 15 beans for a treat after each trip out to for a bathroom break. Of course, a concomitant decrease is dog food allowance is necessary, especially since most green-bean-consuming dogs are also in need of weight loss.

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