Dog And Cat Food: Pick One

Clearly, in retrospect, I was premature in recalibrating Martha’s automatic feeder.

I just brought home a new bag of Martha’s food, Hill’s Mature Adult Indoor Cat Formula, only to find it has a new, pyramidal shape.

Oh, and the name changed, too.

Which, I’m relatively sure, has everything to do with marketing and little to do with nutrition.

But, it brings up a point.

When your pet’s kibble changes in size or shape, it is imperative that you recalibrate.

Dogs and cats eat best when they eat consistently. If you are constantly changing your pet’s food because you think he likes variety like we do, stop the madness today.

Let’s use Martha as an example. I first fed her Mature Adult about five years ago, and every day at 6:10 and 5:30 she sits by her feeder, awaiting the click of the timer that says, “MMMMMMMM, groceries!” I’m using Martha as an example, but the principle applies equally to all pets.

Picky eaters are made, not born.

Make it a New Year’s resolution to feed one top-quality food, whether canned or dry, and stick with it.

See you Monday, Dr. Randolph.

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