Dog And Cat Ears Should Not Hurt For Long

Every good comedian needs a straight man.

Sometimes a zealous doctor needs one, too.

I got mine today as a childhood friend of our twin sons brought me a cute little dog she had rescued from a humane shelter in Birmingham, Alabama. Jenna and her son, Britton, had seen videos of a brother and sister pair of pups online and for Britton it was love at first sight.

Road trip!

Both pups are doing well in their new environment and are exploring their individual personalities as they mature.

As always, we began our physical examination with eyes, ears, nose and throat. When I peered into the ear canals I asked Jenna if she had noticed the discharge, odor and any shaking of Tulip’s head.

“Well, maybe a little. And that really concerns me because my last dog, who has passed away, always had ear problems.”

Jenna was unwittingly being my “straight man” to allow me to express my career-long interest in proper ear care and preventing ear problems.

“I love a bad ear,” I quoted from a recent Article. I went on to tell her some of the things you can read on the above links about why these two dogs will not have ear problems if I can help it and she does what we ask.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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