Dog Food Appearance And Palatability

We must be careful to prevent allowing human concepts from interfering with the treatment of our dogs and cats.

Hill's Pet Nutrition Prescription Diet k/d

Today I suggested beginning a nearly-14-year-old Chihuahua on Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d, when the pet owner resisted.

“Dr. Randolph, I had a dog 15 years ago who had kidney failure, and we tried to use k/d then and the dog just hated it. After all, it’s white and gummy and who would want to eat it?”

“I’m glad you asked,” I replied, “because about 99% of dogs offered k/d love it! In fact, it is one of the
most palatable foods available. We use it for kidney patients, liver failure patients and just old dogs and cats in general.”

“Yes,” I continued, “the canned form does look awful to our human eyes and human palates. We’re used to our salad being multicolored with delicious salad dressing, our entrees being garnished with parsley, our dessert having a swirl of raspberry adorning the plate before the pie is placed on it.”

“Dogs could not care less what their food looks like. Canned food that looks like roast beef chunks with gravy is made that way to sell it to humans! Hill’s is concerned about the nutrition in their foods, not the appearance. And, believe me, the nutrition is there.”

Our Peyton, our Pearl and our Martha ate k/d for years, and it extended their lives immeasurably.

And, no, they never complained about the appearance.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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