Dog Rascal Gets Birthday Cakes

One simply never knows who is going to slip into one’s heart.

The sweetest story appeared on the obituary page this week.

A gentleman in neighboring Jackson County, MS,  passed away and his life story was highlighted in a special article.

It told of the courtship of his bride (he proposed only two days after he met her!) and how he came for her two months later to introduce her to his mother.

They were married in May of the same year and were married 36 years when he passed away this week.

What was most touching from’s view was his relationship with dogs.

On you can read the entire story.

It says that he always liked dogs, but he never wanted one in the house.

Until Rascal.

Rascal arrived three years ago and he was so attached that he would bring home a birthday cake (we don’t recommend people food for pets) with Rascal’s name on them!Rascal returned the man’s love and thus was mentioned in the obituary.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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