Dog Toothpaste

Dog toothpaste is essential for good results when brushing your dog’s teeth.

Toothpaste for dogs is not about fresh breath, like it is for people. Although, a sweet-smelling mouth doesn’t hurt, especially when your dog gives you a big slurp first thing in the morning!

Dog Cet Fingerbrush

And, dog toothpaste isn’t about a flashing white smile, either.

What dog toothpaste has in common with humans brushing their teeth is oral hygiene. Our goal is to disturb dental plaque at least once every 24 hours so that it doesn’t turn into hard calculus that must be scaled by your pet’s doctor.

CET toothpaste has all of the features veterinarians like in a dog toothpaste:

Flavor dogs like: multiple flavors with high palatability keeps them coming back every day for that crucial consistency in toothbrushing.

Non-foaming: people toothpaste makes bubbles. Bubbles can be inhaled by your pet, causing him to choke and resent what should be a daily fun time.

Non-chemical: CET toothpaste uses enzymes to help clean the teeth and is safe for all dogs.

Dog toothbrushes come in two main styles: double-ended and fingerbrush. The double-ended ones are nice, in that they accommodate both large and small dogs, and have a shape our hands are used to.

Of course, our dogs are our first concern, and the fingerbrush has the advantage of being no more invasive to our dogs’ mouths than our fingers! The tiny bristles on the end work the dog toothpaste into all of the hiding places in their teeth.

Dogs need their teeth brushed daily, or at least as often as you have time. When it’s fun and tasty with CET toothpaste, consistency is easy to achieve.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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