Dog Toy Chest

A dog toy chest fulfills every dog’s dream. Just like our human children, dogs love to dig around in a toy chest and find that just-right toy for the moment.

Pet Toy Chest

I’m reminded of our dog, Peyton. His “job” during the day was to protect my wife, Brenda, and maintain safety at our home. When I arrived at night, though, his work was finished. He would go to his dog toy chest and drag out chew toys one by one until he found the right one. He then proceeded to chew until bedtime.

Dogs love a toy chest. In 32 years of the practice of veterinary medicine I’ve heard hundreds of stories about dogs rummaging through their canine toy chests to find a toy…the only one that will do. I often wonder whether the searching isn’t just as much fun as playing with the prize.

What does a pet owner look for in choosing the right dog toy chest?

  1. Safety is number one. It must have a child-safe finish. The fit of the parts must be excellent. Loose parts may be swallowed. Poor fit may cause gaps that will catch a small foot or tail.
  2. Size should be appropriate for your dog. Small poodles, like our Willie, can have a low toy chest that he can look into from the floor, or a slightly larger one that he can jump into, capture a toy, then jump back out of. Large dogs tend to have large toys. A Great Dane’s toy box must be big enough to hold several large toys.

    Dog Cedar Toy Chest
    Willie says sometimes just one toy from the dog toy chest isn't enough!
  3. Appearance. A dog toy chest is usually going to sit in an obvious location, so it must look nice in your living room, bedroom or den.  The dovetail joinery on this chest gives it an elegant, crafted look for any room in any home.

Every night, as you put your dog’s toys back into his toy chest, you’ll smile, thinking of the fun he had with them today, and the enjoyment he will have when he does it all again tomorrow.  Check out this beautiful toy storage, approved!

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