Dogs Will No Longer “Go” On Your Lawn

I read this a while back on Dear Annie, the column that began to run after Ann Landers passed the baton. It sounds something between superstitious and nuts. But, according to the writer, Hawaiians swear by it. Let us know what you think.

“This is in response to ‘Can’t Go Barefoot On My Own Lawn.’ I have a solution for the problem of dogs doing their business on the lawn. I live in Hawaii, and I’ve seen this used for 40 years. It is an old Japanese remedy. You get a large glass jar; the kind that mayonnaise comes in works well, but any glass jar will do. Take off the label. Fill the jar with clear water. Put the top on and put it on your lawn. Anywhere is fine. One jar will work for a small lawn. Use two or three for a large lawn.

“It sounds cray, but dogs get spooked by the jars of water and will not sully the grass. They just won’t go.

“If you drive around Hilo, Hawaii, and most towns here, you see water jars on many lawns. Sounds weird, but ‘Can’t Go Barefoot’ should give it a try.” Dennis in Hawaii

Annie responded: “If this works, you will be a hero to beleaguered lawn owners the world over.”

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