Dr. Randolph Meets Fritz

Today I got to meet my father’s dog, Fritz, for the first time. You may recall that we previously discussed the circumstances of Fritz’s adoption.

Fritz is absolutely adorable. While I’d seen pictures of him, they don’t begin to do him justice. He has streaks of brown and black in his hair, the kind ladies pay hairdressers $150.00 for, but his are natural. He has a charming personality that instantly wins newcomers over. He’s active without being rambunctious. He loves to be petted, but is content when you’re finished. Once he gets really relaxed he rolls over on his back for a tummy rub.

My parents’ assessment of him was that he had been neglected in his prior home. While that may be, I was surprised on our first neighborhood walk together that he is leash-trained as if he had been to class with Brian Kilcommons the well-known dog trainer.  Despite his tendency to want to mark every blade of grass he passed, he walked like a perfect gentleman.

And, yes, I was a good guest who kept his bedroom door closed and his suitcase secured so as to keep Fritz from harm.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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