Drinkwell Hydro-Go Pet Canteen

Water is your pet’s most essential need.

Day in and day out he can drink from his Drinkwell 360 pet fountain.

Days like today, however, when Brenda, Willie and I are on the highway, it’s handy to have clean, fresh water at your fingertips. The Drinkwell Hydro-Go Pet Canteen fills the bill.

Hydro-Go Pet Canteen

OK, you’ve got water, now you need a bowl. Inventor/Dr. Mary Burns, a veterinarian with a special interest in animal behavior, has thought of that, too! The Drinkwell Hydro-Go Pet Canteen has a built-in funnel-spout that pours water directly into a built-in bowl.

You’ll especially like this feature if you’re on a long hike: when your dog is finished drinking, any unused water can be funneled back into the canteen. No leptospirosis or Giardia worries of him drinking out of streams by the trail, you’ve already planned ahead for his hydration needs.

There is even an included shoulder strap for easy carrying.

When you get home, cleanup couldn’t be easier. The entire Drinkwell Hydro-Go Pet Canteen can go into the dishwasher.


  1. Hi,
    I am so tired of carrying water bottles and a tin bowl around for my puggle whenever we go to the park or puppy beach. My question to you that i havent seen explained is that can i pre- pour the water into the kanteen b 4 we leave the house or does it require for me to carry a bottle of water with us and pour it into kanteen when she is ready to drink? I was a little unsure. Also, if i can pre- pour the water my concern is about leakage and spills.
    Thank you.

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