Economic Downturn Effect on Veterinary Practices

The economic downturn is having an interesting effect on veterinary practices.

It’s not unusual for Dr. A. to be slow and call Dr. B. to chat, but Dr. B. is so busy he doesn’t have time to talk. Dr. A., of course, asks himself, “Why is Dr. B. busy and I’m not?”

Of course, with time, roles reverse.

Now it seems to be fairly universal that we’re all experiencing this “all or nothing” syndrome. Each of us is either really busy or twiddling our thumbs.

That’s the way it was today. All morning we were stepping on our own toes trying to get all the pets cared for, wondering if we’d have any hair left by the time we got caught up.

Noon arrived and I called a friend to see if lunch was still on.

“No,” was his short answer.

“A little crazy at your place?” I asked.

“Yes, we have a good bit more than we can do. But, when we finish, we’ll be staring at each other again. I’ve never seen anything exactly like this,” my colleague replied.

So, if you have difficulty getting the exact appointment time you want, be patient.

The economy is like the weather: Wait a little bit and it will change.

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