Economics For Pet Owners

One thing that hasn’t changed in these tough economic times: some people have the money for needed pets’ medical care and some people don’t.

What makes the difference?

To some extent planning makes the difference.

One form of planning is having a family budget. Everyday computer software like Quicken and Microsoft Money have utilities that will allow pet lovers to set up allowances for pet care, along with their utilities and other basic needs.

The other difference is that some have pet health insurance. Modern pet health insurance is a multi-modal approach to paying for your pet’s health care. You can purchase policies that cover major medical catastrophes like trauma, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Or you can purchase a policy that covers both illness and preventive care. The latter can even help pay for your monthly heartworm preventive.

Deductibles are also variable and can be a little or a lot.

While there are quite a few pet health insurance companies, we recommend  PetFirst Pet Health Insurance.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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