Editor Communicates From North Carolina Vacation

I sent an email to my newspaper editor, inquiring about this week’s newspaper column.

Sunrise in the Smokies

She answered my question, but, just to rub it in, she had to send me a photo of one of my favorite places on earth:  The Smoky Mountains.  Being the generous guy I am, I decided to share it with you.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.


  1. Dear Dr. James Randolph,
    Our now 13 month old German Shepherd (#92) was diagnosed with osteomyelitis in June by a veterinarian surgeon. It is in his left rear foot and hock. In April, his foot, hock began swelling and our local vet found what she thought was either a bee stinger or a thorn in his foot and removed it. No amount of antibiotics by either the local veterinarian or the surgeon has kept it at bay. It is a confirmed diagnosis, CT scan and bone marrow aspirate, which was, admittedly not terribly successful as the bone is still sound. Six plus weeks of Clindamycin and Baytril, Carprofen, Codeine (initially) and Gabapentin and it he seemed sound and in great shape. Today, his foot is swollen again. We have spent literally thousands. I have done round the clock care. Would you recommend amputation of the limb rather than the constant and unsuccessful rounds of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs? He is a young dog and has had a miserable few months. I hope you read this and would dearly appreciate an answer. After 40 years of rescue, I purchased him as a puppy a year ago. I couldn’t love him more. Judi Perrin

    • Bless your heart, Judi. One of those luck-of-the-draw problems. Other than hyperbaric treatments, I’m not aware of other approaches that might help. However, a search for a wound specialist or a board-certified internist with a special interest in wound care might help. Maybe a trip to the nearest veterinary teaching hospital. One would hate to amputate a limb on a patient this young, which is why you might want to pursue another specialist. Ultimately, that might be where you end up, however. I’ll say a prayer for you can the baby boy. Clearly, he needs a lot of help. Thanks for reading, Dr. Randolph.

  2. When someone sends you a picture like this from vacation (our friend with the sailboat sends gorgeous photos), it’s sent so you can take a ‘mini mental vacation.’ So I always do. Hope you enjoyed the Smokies.

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