An Exemplary Pet Lover

I had lunch at the Waffle House today (I know, I said these were going to be stories about what happens at our hospital, but bear with me…you’ll like it).

In the hustle and bustle of a very busy lunch period I overheard one waitress say, “You guys will not believe this! I went all the way from this town to that town, 90 miles an hour and never once saw a policeman.”

A coworker asked her why she was going so fast.

“To get to the hospital!” After that I couldn’t hear the conversation any more because of all the background noise, and didn’t think any more about it.

When we went to the register to pay, my wife asked the waitress why she had to get to the hospital so fast.

“My dog got hit by a car. Right in the head. Animal Control picked her up but they said I had only an hour to come get her. I was there in 10 minutes. She was conscious and bleeding a little, but she recognized me and kept pushing up against my body in the car. I had some saline solution and dripped it on her right eye to keep it moist. This was the eye that got knocked out in the accident.

“She lost her eye anyway. Otherwise she’s fine and I’m going to pick her up at the veterinary Emergency Hospital as soon as my shift is over.”

I just thought this lady deserved a commendation. No, of course, not for driving 90.  Rather for caring enough to rush down to the Animal Control station, grab her pet and quickly get her to the ER so she could get the proper medical care her pet so desperately needed.

An exemplary pet owner.

It’s so sad when we see patients at our hospital that aren’t properly cared for. Just like us humans our four-legged loved ones deserve emergency medical care.

And it’s so heartwarming when we see a true pet lover who goes all out for her beloved dog.

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  1. I am the lady with the little terrier, she is blind, she wiggles a little different when I get home, but is still able to play and love me as I do her, thank you for sharing my story. Mrs Barb Waffle House

    • Hi, Mrs. Barb, thanks for the feedback. I’m going to post an update on your terrier this week. What is her name and is there anything else you want me to know about her. The story about her falling into the bayou and your husband having to jump in after her is both heartbreaking and hilarious. You have such a good attitude that you could smile through the whole story as you told me today. You are a great asset to Waffle House and to the animal kingdom. Dr. Randolph.

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