Exercise Your Pet ONLY On A Leash

We’ve all heard of the “crazy cat lady” but today I encountered the “crazy dog lady” on my way to work .

I could tell from a distance, as I approached her, that she was behaving frantically as each car passed by. A beautiful Springer Spaniel bounded from yard to road and on to another yard in front of her.

“SLOW DOWN!” she screamed at every car that passed by.

As I got closer I surmised what was happening. She was taking her dog for a walk.

Sans leash.

The dog was untrained and not under voice command control, so he ran from harm’s way to roadside yards and back into harm’s way again.

And her owner thought that we were responsible for his safety. Her thinking must have been: If we would just slow down to, say, one or two miles per hour we would still get to work by noon and her dog’s injuries would be minimal if he were hit at that speed.

Of course, the concept of obtaining and attaching a leash to a harness never occurred to her.

So, please, take a lesson from the “crazy dog lady” and put a short, strong leash on your dog (even if he is trained and is under voice command!) and keep his exercising safe.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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