Fourth Of July In America

In America, July 4th has a special significance. We call it Independence Day because it is the celebration of the day that the Second Continental Congress approved a resolution declaring independence of the thirteen colonies from the mother country, Great Britain. While there is some historical controversy about the actual signing date, July 4th is the date on the document.

More important than the date is the concept that our founding fathers publicly announced that we should be a country unto ourselves, that no outsider should tell us what to do, and that we should be governed by ourselves and the laws we create, not by a royal family.

As with many other American holidays, we celebrate the cost of our freedoms. While acknowledging the truth of the cliche’, “Freedom Isn’t Free,” we pause to thank those who paid the price for our freedom.

The first of those were the founding fathers. Every signer of the Declaration of Independence, in signing the document which closes, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” Nearly all of them died in the war, some in torture. Every one lost his money. Some lost sons in battle. Access the details at

Freedom continues to have a price and every day we must be grateful to God for the men and women willing to sacrifice for us to enjoy freedom. The founding fathers got no further than the first sentence before they acknowledged that the future of our country was dependent on faith in God.

They ended the document likewise, recognizing the need for a “firm reliance on the protection of divine providence.”

May the red, white and blue forever fly.

And may America and Americans forever recognize the gifts of our Creator.

God Bless America.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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    • Ha! Who said I was writing a book? I do have a couple of books in my head, but barely have time to write this blog and work at our hospital, too. I would like to write them someday, but probably will have to retire first.

  1. Hi Dr. Randolph, My fiance, Bob (serving in Afghanistan,) and I always enjoy your newsletters. You always have something significant to say, even when it’s not about animals. You make us stop and think about the true meaning of things. Excellent Independence Day article!
    Mindy Wenkert

    • Mindy, you have given me a beautiful compliment, thank you very much. And, Bob, thank you for your service, especially in such a dangerous, ungrateful place as Afghanistan. The new song by Darryl Worley, I’ve Just Come Back From A War, is especially touching to me, partly because of that very comment he makes in the song and partly because I “lost” my best friend from high school in Viet Nam. He lived, but was never the same. It breaks my heart to know what war does to us. Now, you’ve gotten me started. I’ll stop before I cry any more and just repeat, “Thank you!

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