FreauxFreaux’s Dad Comes To The Rescue

I love it when great stories like this come to me from clients and readers.  Those of you who have visited the
Pet Names Page are familiar with FreauxFreaux, and this story is from her dad:

FreauxFreaux is a perfect combination of smart and pretty.
FreauxFreaux is a perfect combination of smart and pretty.

Sharing a personal story that you will appreciate:
A friend, I’ll call her DJ, called me early yesterday morning from Virginia in a panic. When the phone rang and I saw it was her I knew there was a problem – she rarely calls and not at that time of day.
The person who was keeping Sadie had called DJ at work and told her that Sadie was missing. Seems that the sitter had let Sadie and her own dog go outside in the yard to do their thing, and Sadie didn’t come back.  The sitter had looked everywhere, and had repeatedly called for Sadie, but the sitter did not find her and Sadie did not respond to her calls.  The sitter just knew that Sadie had run away, so she too was panic-stricken.
DJ asked me to say a prayer that Sadie would be found quickly and that she would be OK.
Having kept Sadie on occasion I have come to know a bit about her personality.  So I told DJ to have the sitter go outside with a toy and “squeak” it.   When the sitter did, Sadie came running out of her deep, dark hiding place…  She had apparently found a cool, comfortable spot under an overgrown bush.  Sadie was fine, and probably has no idea of the stir she created.
Everyone’s prayers were answered.
Thought you would enjoy…..  thanks again.

Isn’t that a fabulous story?  The old saying is, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”  In this case He guided DJ to call FreauxFreaux’s dad, who knew exactly what to do, and solved the problem almost immediately, with everyone safe and happy.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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