FURminator For Dogs And Cats Reduces Shedding

Shedding pets.

Every Spring. Every Fall. For a lot of dogs and most indoor cats, it’s year-round.

How do you get control of the hair? Until now, brushes and combs were your best options. Now, we have a new option:  Nothing you’ve used before compares to the FURminator.

FURminator Dog deShedding Tool

If your pet has ever resisted being groomed, you owe it to him (and yourself) to try the FURminator. Many users report that they are amazed how, for the very first time at grooming time, their dog or cat not only sits still for FURminator combing, but enjoys and looks forward to it.

There is a style for dogs and a different style for cats.

However, they share the comfortable, ergonomic handle and the one-finger hair ejector that cleans the combing mechanism almost effortlessly.

The patented mechanism reaches down into the dry, dead undercoat, while sparing the healthy hair above.

Advantages of the FURminator include:

  • less hair in your home
  • fewer allergens to bother sensitive people in your home
  • less-frequent trips to the groomer
  • move healthy skin oils onto the outer coat
  • fun, interactive time with your dog and/or cat

The FURminator is nothing short of amazing. You will wonder how you got by without it.

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