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Maxx and Willie know they will always be able to obtain the best in health care because their owners don’t trust potentially-unreliable sources of information. has reminded readers many times that 64% of the medical information online is either outdated, or just plain wrong.

Drs. Mike Roizen and Mehmet Oz have recently written pieces in their weekly newspaper column about inaccurate online medical information.

Of Wikipedia, they say, “A new study compared info on Wiki’s medical articles to facts from peer-reviewed medical journals: 90% contained false or misleading information!”

They go on to say, “reviewers spotted mistakes that could lead you to treat yourself incorrectly or pass along faulty info to your doctor.” Wikipedia “often had missing or incorrect info on dosages, interactions and contradictions.”

These physicians recommend using the site of the National Institutes of Health instead ( They also endorsed other .gov sites.

For example, I like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention site,

Because there are many diseases that affect people and pets similarly , a search on one of these reliable sites may lead you to information you can extrapolate to your pet’s health.

You can always have confidence in the information you read on, also, because we study thoroughly before posting.  And, if any information we’ve provided previously goes out of date, we remove it from the site.

Ultimately, however, you should discuss your findings with your pet’s doctor before taking any medical steps. He is the expert who can tell you when the information you’ve read is accurate, or inaccurate.

Visit often, Dr. Randolph.


  1. my dog played a frog yesterday but she didnt injest it. perhaps she just lick or smell the frog. and now she has difficulty in breathing and she drools a lot. she cant even sleep because maybe it will be more difficult on her to breath if she lay down. she just sit all day though i can really tell shes really sleepy. what to do? what medication should i give her? she eats and drink water through a syringe. shes 6 months old, about 5kl. thanks

    • Kate, I’m sorry, but your dog is there and I’m here, so there is no way for me to know what medication your dog needs. Think of yourself, or your child. If you are he were having difficulty breathing and drooling you would see a doctor. The same applies to your dog. Best wishes, Dr. Randolph

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