God Blesses Us With Spring

Spring is such a wonderful time of renewal.

I love the pale green new leaves when they first appear on the trees. It is as if God is saying to me, “OK, winter is over, and I’m giving you a new start.”

As both a board of directors member and a participant I spent the day Sunday in nearby Baton Rouge at an installment of the Louisiana Academy of Veterinary Practice’s continuing education program. We meet four times annually at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine to hear world-class speakers update us on cutting-edge aspects of practice.

Roses by God.
Roses by God.

Monday morning, as I arrived at our hospital I was greeted by an explosion of roses. We have an ancient cane in the back yard and an equally old one in front. The pink one had four blooms on one stalk! The red one had about ten blooms over the entire plant.








A beautiful bouquet from our old, old rose canes.
A beautiful bouquet from our old, old rose canes.

How greatly God has blessed me! I get to do the greatest job in the whole world, I enjoy wonderful health and, as if that’s not enough, He sends me flowers.

How great is the Father’s Love.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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