Granny And Pater Finally See “Itty Bitty” For The First Time

There is not a grandparent on the earth who would not understand why I stayed home from the clinic today.

Most parents would understand, as well.

Our precious “Itty Bitty,” five weeks old today, got in to town at 3 AM and even ol’ sleepy-headed me got up to spend a couple of hours with her before returning to the sack.

We spent almost the entire day together and, as you can see, had a great fun time.

"Itty Bitty" and Pater
"Itty Bitty" and Pater




See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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  1. Hi Jim,
    Itty bitty is adorable!! What was that child doing up at 3:00 a.m.? You people on the coast are still wild -even the babies. I have recommended your site to several of my animal loving friends and they all report learning from it and enjoying it as well.

    My little Pomchi, Annabelle, is almost 8 months now and adorable, of course. I have one concern that my veterinarian dismissed as puppyism and it probably is. When she is relaxing in my lap she jerks her back legs almost like a muscle spasm. She stops when I pet her. Any thing to worry about? Another question about one of Aunt Kay’s cats that she keeps at the florist. He is about a year old and has a raw sore on his bottom lip that won’t go away. She has tried Neosporin, and now is putting Preparation H on it that a friend recomended. She has done everything but take Rocky to the veterinarian. Is there anything OTC she might try? She says it looks like a ringworm.

    You shouldn’t put out a blog if you don’t want to give out free advice. I do love hearing from you everyday. We have known each other for more than 40 years.
    I’m going to send you a picture of Annabelle when she graduated from Puppy School. She is totally black except for her tongue and teeth. Spoiled rotten, too. Don’t know how to do it from here so I will email it to you.
    Take care,
    Love ya,

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