Halloween Can Be Safe For Pets

Here are some common sense tips for keeping your pet safe and happy during Halloween.

If you have a black cat, keep him securely indoors for several days before and after Halloween. When Halloween falls on certain nights municipalities may declare specific dates for trick-or-treating, and that official night might not be the same as what is on your calendar. Sadly, there are sick and misguided people who will wish to do harm to black cats in their Halloween ceremonies. Don’t let your cat be one of them.

Martha will be safely indoors during Halloween.
Martha will be safely indoors during Halloween.

Cats of all stripes may be upset by the commotion of a constantly-ringing doorbell and act unpredictably. Many will hide, but danger awaits those who panic and run outdoors where cars, dogs and other cats may injure them. Ensure that every cat is secure for the duration of possible exposure to upsetting circumstances.

Does your dog become upset when fireworks are set off, when visitors arrive, at thunder or loud noises? He, too, may need special care.

If your dog requires tranquilizers for storms and fireworks, be sure to have some on hand prior to Halloween. And, remember that the best effect from tranquilizers is achieved when they are administered before excitement begins. Ghoulish visitors usually arrive just before dark, so give the medicine accordingly.

Some dogs may even become aggressive toward front-door visitors and avoidable bites may occur.  If your dog is excitable keep him securely away from public areas.

Dogs like our Pearl simply cannot resist a special “people treat,” so be sure that your trick-or-treat candy is well out of pets’ reach, lest gastrointestinal upset keep everyone awake all night. Worse yet, a life-threatening case of pancreatitis could occur and you could find yourself at the veterinary emergency hospital all night.

Halloween was made for happy. Let’s keep it that way by planning ahead and keeping it safe.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder!

    Our Aussie is calm and well behaved on Halloween, but the other two have issues. Our elderly mutt doesn’t enjoy the doorbell ringing constantly and is happiest when she’s away from all the commotion, and the floppy faced mutt has to be watched carefully to make sure he doesn’t grab “people food” or get so excited about all the new people coming to visit (they’re visiting him, of course. They aren’t here for the candy!) that he starts greeting too enthusiastically. 80 lbs of dog jumping on a 4 year old trick or treater is something I simply will not tolerate.

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