Happy Birthday, Dr. Randolph!

Today is my birthday, and this is the beautiful Cookie Cake, with a picture of our cat, Martha,  my staff gave me when I arrived at the office this morning!  Last year my Cookie Cake had a picture of Pearl!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Randolph!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Randolph!


  1. Cousin Patsy Burrell Sanders says:

    James, Thanks for the beautiful eulogy and song.

  2. Melanie Davis says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! I had no idea it was your birthday today. I would have certainly wished you a happy birthday in person when I was there today. Thank you again to you and your staff for taking such good care of my babies!!!

  3. Nell says:


  4. Jeremy says:

    Happy Birthday Doc! Wish I could be there to share your cake 🙂


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