Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

Today is our receptionist, Stephanie’s, birthday.

To surprise her, all of the staff on duty this morning, and I, called her cell phone to sing Happy Birthday.

The surprise was on us, however. Her husband answered the phone, “Hola,” which is Spanish for “Hello,” according to Dora The Explorer.

They moved here about a year ago from a part of the country with a large Hispanic population. I dialed the phone number from memory and feared that I had the right Area Code but the wrong number.

Meekly I said, “May I speak to Stephanie, please?”

As soon as we recognized Stephanie’s voice we broke into song, but hubby had us going there for a minute. As it turned out, he was out for a surprise of his own, expecting his in-laws to be calling he wanted them to think that they had the wrong number!

We like to mix a little fun with the serious nature of our veterinary medical practice sometimes.

See you Monday, Dr. Randolph.

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