Have Emergency Information Handy

Delilah writes, “HELP ME DOC MY CAT REALLY ATE A RAT POISON!!!! I don’t know what to do.  It’s midnight and the local veterinarians aren’t available.  I heard rat poisons aren’t that deadly to cats, but Blondie is just a baby so I thought it might kill her if I don’t do anything.  What should I do?  Give her bananas or what?”

Sorry Delilah, but, not surprisingly, I was asleep at midnight.  I don’t know where you got the information that “rat poisons aren’t that deadly to cats,” but remember that 64% of the medical information on the Internet is either outdated or outright wrong.  I assume that the “bananas” part came from an Internet search, too.

Also, note how the post begins:  “Be afraid.  Be very afraid.”

If you have an emergency service in or near your town, you need to keep their information close by for emergencies like this.  Even if you have to drive a considerable distance to reach emergency veterinary medical help, when rodenticides are the problem, the time between ingestion and beginning treatment is crucial.

So, we assume that first thing this morning you took your kitty to the doctor and got proper treatment.  Please let us know what the veterinarian found, and how Blondie is now.

Click on “Rodenticide Poisoning” under the Categories listings on the right side of this page.  Read all of the posts, including the Comments in order to glean all of the information you need to ensure that Blondie’s care is done correctly and completely.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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