Have New Pets Examined Right Away

Today we’re highlighting “Pie” because her mommy was so smart.

Pie's Mommy was very smart to have her first examination right away.
Pie's Mommy was very smart to have her first examination right away.

As you can see by her photo, Pie is an adorable Maltese puppy, just six weeks old.

What makes Pie special and her mom so smart is the fact that Pie came to see us the very first full day Pie was in her new home. Pie had a complaint of itchy ears, and, had her owner waited a week or two for her first examination the ear problem could easily have become even more serious.

Another scenario in which promptness can really pay off is a post-purchase examination. If a new puppy or kitten (or iguana, for that matter) is sold with the condition that your veterinarian must find and report abnormalities within 24 hours. Failing to find physical or metabolic abnormalities or illnesses might result in loss of the right to return a pet with imperfections.

I also like to see adoptees from shelters, pounds and pet stores within 24 hours of ownership. Coming from animal-crowded environments, such pets often break with illnesses soon after arrival at their new homes. Diagnosing and treating those illnesses right away can make a world of difference in shortening recovery time.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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