Have You Used These Dog Products?

MyPetsDoctor.com is performing an unscientific survey.

Recently I was working at my home office and had the TV on for background noise.  Upon hearing a barking dog’s voice, I turned to see an advertisement for a product, Bark Off.  It claims to be silent, harmless and painless, yet commands dogs not to bark!  Of course, as we should be about anything that sounds too good to be true, I was skeptical and wondered, “How many MyPetsDoctor.com readers are using Bark Off and would be willing to let us know if it lives up to its claim?”

EicosaCaps for Large Dogs by DermaPet
EicosaCaps for Large Dogs by DermaPet

Today at our hospital a client asked me about a product that claims to reduce dogs’ shedding by 71% called DinoVite.  I didn’t know anything about it, so I looked it up online.  The first thing I noticed is that its ingredients are similar (in quantity, quality is unknown) to a neutraceutical we use in dogs and cats with Atopic Dermatitis, Flea Bite Allergy and other skin problems

It is called Eicosacaps and is manufactured by the DermaPet Company, founded by board-certified veterinary dermatologist Dr. Steven Melman. I explained to the client that I don’t dispense Eicosacaps to patients with normal, healthy skin and hair, and those with abnormal skin and hair would be the pets I would expect to have the most abnormal shedding, and to whom I regularly dispense Eicosacaps.

After all, old hair has to come out as new hair comes in. Which explains why all of us have hair in the shower drain every morning.

So, my question is, again, “How many MyPetsDoctor.com readers are using Dinovite and would be willing to let us know if it lives up to its claim?”

Please place your answers in the COMMENT section below, and we will publish all that are fit to print.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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