Heartworm Preventives For Cats

While Revolution  is our favorite form of heartworm prevention for cats, there are also oral forms of feline heartworm disease prevention, too. One of the biggest reasons for Revolution’s  popularity with cat owners is its ability to both control and prevent fleas. It controls fleas by killing the adult flea, and it prevents them by killing their eggs and larvae.

One is Interceptor. Interceptor is most commonly thought of as a dog medication, but it has FDA  approval for use in cats. Interceptor has the added advantage of having the ability to prevent hookworms and roundworms in cats. So if your cat, especially your outdoor cat  has a repeated problem with intestinal parasites, you would be wise to discuss Interceptor with your pet’s doctor.

Heartgard for Cats is also a favorite of cat owners. Its beefy, chewable-treat nature makes it easy to administer and it has an excellent track record for heartworm prevention.

All of the above-listed feline heartworm preventives are approved for monthly use in cats and side effects are rare.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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