Heartworms Are Treatable Even In Old Dogs

A diagnosis of heartworms is not a death sentence, even in a somewhat older dog.
Precious “Sweetie” came to see us this week, her first doctor’s visit in her 8-year lifespan. Not surprisingly, having never been on a heartworm preventive and living in a swamp-surrounded, mosquito-laden area of a southern state, her test came back positive.
Pre-heartworm treatment radiographs of her chest indicated only moderate damage to the heart and lungs, and complete blood count, chemistry profile and urinalysis show that her body is up to the challenge of a carefully-executed heartworm treatment.
We are beginning the process tomorrow, and anticipate a full and uncomplicated recovery, despite her age.
Best of all, we anticipate extending her lifespan by several years by eliminating heartworms from her body. Within two years, we expect a followup radiograph of her chest to show little or no evidence that heartworms were ever there.
See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.


  1. I have a 12 year old Romanian shepard mix. He just tested positive for HW. We started as fast as possible the 30 days tratament with dewormers, antibiotic and pills to help his heart get stronger. The x rays show healthy lungs but the heart is alongated and pointy. He is active, eager to play, walk and even trot. He still likes to defend his teritory and has a good state of spirit. He has however a mild cough after he gets to excited and he sometimes makes weird sounds while he breaths. What cand I do more to help him? I am also giving him pills to protect his liver and tummy from all the tratament he is receiving.

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