Hill’s New Healthy Advantage For Adult Cats

 Each day this week we are examining the parts of the new Hill’s Pet Nutrition Healthy Advantage line of foods. To see the series from the beginning, click here. Today we look at the Healthy Advantage food for adult cats:

Adult cats love their Healthy Advantage food, too!
Adult cats love their Healthy Advantage food, too!

For adult cats:

  • Oral health is especially important for adult cats. Plaque, calculus and gingivitis are constant worries, as is odontoclastic lesion syndrome. While it is easy to put your dog on a toothbrushing program, many cats are resistant to the process. Therefore, Hill’s has developed a kibble technology, utilizing natural vegetable fiber, that squeegees the teeth with every bite.
  • With more and more cats being maintained in a safe, indoor environment, exercise and calorie-burning are reduced. Hill’s Healthy Advantage Feline Adult food utilizes a fiber-rich formula enhanced with l-carnitine to build lean muscle and turn fat into energy.
  • Low magnesium and phosphorous in the formula reduces the risk of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) while maintaining adequate amounts of both minerals needed for proper metabolism and good health.
  • Exercise is important to good digestive tract health. Indoor cats have reduced exercise, and Hill’s has addressed this factor with high quality, highly digestible ingredients to maximize the absorption of key ingredients.
  • Omega fatty acids act as antioxidants to help counteract the effects of aging. In addition, skin and coat health are enhanced, leading to the thick hair and shiny coat we all love in our kitties.

That sums up the entire Healthy Advantage line. Healthy Advantage pet foods are available exclusively at your veterinarian.

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