Hill’s Prescription Diet a/d Has Many Uses

Prescription Diet a/d. Are you familiar with it?

Not many people are.

a/d is the only Hill’s food that is not species-specific. One food is used for both dogs and cats.

a/d is complete nutrition all by itself and is the consistency of applesauce. It is excellent for pets who don’t feel well, have recently had oral surgery and can’t eat solid food and for pets who need to be syringe- or tube-fed.

It’s great for finicky eaters who need a little “soup” on top of their food, yet their owners are in my camp on not feeding people food.

You don’t need a prescription for Prescription Diets, although they are carried exclusively by veterinarians because medical advice is needed for their proper use.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.


  1. Hello, my 15 years old healthy cat loves Prescription Diet a/d very much!!! I am wondering can she eat a/d everyday?

    • We veterinarians use a tool from Hill’s Pet Nutrition called the “Key To Clinical Nutrition,” (“Key,” for short) in which every Hill’s Prescription Diet and Science Diet food is listed, explained and analyzed. The Key describes Prescription Diet a/d as a “nutritional aid during recovery.” To be sure, you could call the experts at Hill’s at 1-800-445-5777 and ask their advice, but my interpretation is that it should be used short-term due to its high fat content and somewhat elevated phosphorous and sodium content. Give them a call to be sure.

    • A/D stands for awesome diet! It’s the best of all the Hill’s food. Your babies will love it. I’ve used in a feeding tube and also for regular consumption for older kitties with health issues. At my house we called the I/d icky diet! I have recently found my cats like the gastrointestinal biome wet food with meat and vegetables. Before they were on no grain food and are still on no grain dry food.

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