Human-Pet Age Analogy Chart Is Updated

There are certain things we like to know about our babies, regardless of how many legs they have: how old are they and how much do they weigh?

We humans tend to be attracted to extremes. We like really tiny newborns, we like our Chihuahuas “teacup.”

The tinier the Chihuahua the better we like them!
The tinier the Chihuahua the better we like them!

And we like our Great Danes to push two hundred pounds.

We are impressed when someone’s Grandma lives to be 103.

And if we see a dog or cat approaching 20 years of age we oohh and ahhh.

With that in mind, when I found a source that allowed our Human-Pet Age Analogy to be extended down to one year of age, I checked its veracity, then included the information when it passed.

Did you know that a one-year-old Bull Mastiff has the human equivalent age and body maturity of a 26-year old person? I think that’s pretty astounding.

We hope you enjoy the expanded information.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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