Immiticide Heartworm Treatment Is Gone

Editor’s Note:  As of December, 2011, Immiticide was again available through Merial’s European source.

In April, 2011, we reported that Immiticide, the only approved adult heartworm-killing medication in the United States, was in short supply. For months Immiticide has been rationed by the manufacturer, Merial.

Immiticide, the only approved heartworm-treatment medication in the US, is out of stock indefinitely.

During this time Merial has found alternative sources for ingredients for the medication and was able to supply Immiticide in limited quantities.

Those quantities are now gone.

A few veterinarians around the country have small quantities on hand, but none is being manufactured now and the company gives us no date for filling backorders.

In the meantime, veterinarians are being guided by the American Heartworm Society on how we should manage cases until definitive heartworm treatment medication is again available.

Immiticide, once in short supply, is now unavailable indefinitely.

Your pet’s doctor will be able to provide you with information regarding your own pet’s treatment.

For those of you with pets with no heartworms, don’t miss a single dose of heartworm preventive!

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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