Invincible Gecko 4 Squeak

The Invincible Gecko 4 Squeak is perhaps the ultimate squeak toy.

Its four squeakers in the large size (two squeakers in the small size) can supply sounds from more than one at a time if your dog hits them right. And, if that’s not enough stimulation for him, there’s even a rattle in the tail!

Where does the name “Invincible” come from? The enclosed patent-pending squeakers are designed to keep squeaking even after they’ve been punctured! So, if your Airedale’s giant canines go all the way through, there’s still more excitement where that came from!

If your canine chewer is hard on toys, you’ll especially like the fact that the Invincible Gecko 4 Squeak is stuffing-free! So, if King Kong gets all the way to the inside there won’t be a giant mess to clean up.

Best of all, the Invincible Gecko 4 Squeak is safe. There are no “plugged in” eyes, ears or other body parts to come off and choke on. All of the features are sewed right into the Gecko. Even the squeakers are safe because they are too big to be swallowed.

Just throw the Invincible Gecko 4 Squeak on the floor and let the fun begin.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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