Itchy Dogs and Cats Are In The Clinic Today

Allergy alert!

It seems that every other dog and cat who comes in the front door of our hospital is complaining of itchiness.

Allergy years tend to run in cycles. Dogs’ immune systems are known to be able to react to 64 allergens that they inhale, as well as contact and other allergens. Dust, pollen and molds are common causes of inhalant allergy stimulation. Contact with certain fabrics and cleaning chemicals can cause contact allergic reactions as well as chemical irritation.

Fleas are a common cause of allergic reaction, and some years fleas thrive better than in other years. Wet years, like we are having in the southeastern US, are best for growing strong flea populations.  For flea control and prevention tips from click here.

A variety of treatments are available from your pet’s doctor for allergies and their secondary problems, such as infection of the skin and ears.

So, if your pet is having skin problems such as itchiness and hair loss, see your veterinarian today. There is no need for your pet to suffer.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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