Jack The Dog Ingests Marijuana In Seattle

Did you hear about the story of 11-year-old Jack, the drug dog?

No, I don’t mean a drug-sniffing dog who works in an airport or police car. Jack found his drugs during a walk in the park.

While playing with his owners, Dave and Jen Nestor Waddell, in Seward Park in Seattle, WA, Jack disappeared for about three minutes into a nearby wooded area. He emerged glassy-eyed and wobbling.

At Dr. Cathy Ann Corrigan’s Emerald City Emergency Clinic on Stone Way North in Seattle, it was determined that Jack had ingested marijuana. The attending doctor induced vomiting and Jack produced “large amounts of plant material that smells like marijuana.”

Apparently this was not an isolated event. On April 3, 2009, a wilderness guide was leading a group of children through the park and came upon a duffle bag containing five pounds of marijuana. What if one of those children had ingested some of the drug? Mrs. Waddell theorizes that a drug dealer may be stashing his wares in the park. Seattle police are following up on the case.

Should your dog experience such signs, which could be caused by illegal or prescription drugs, stroke, other central nervous system disorders or even metabolic disease, be prepared with these emergency tips.

To see video of Sabra Gertsch’s story from KONO-TV click on this link.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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