Jerky Treats Sicken Humans And Dogs

No Chinese treats for Maxx or Willie! No jerky treats for ANY of our patients!

Can you believe it? Pets are still getting sick on jerky treats, despite the widespread dissemination of information about how dangerous they are. Click here to read’s original post about jerky treats.

Now, not only have additional pets been injured, some humans foolishly ate the treats and were made ill.

Even after seven years of looking into the problem, the FDA has not been able to determine a cause for the deaths.

However, one child who recently ate the dog goodie was diagnosed with salmonella poisoning.

Two national chain pet stores have promised to remove Chinese treats from their stores, but not immediately.
You can, however, stop buying them immediately.

Pet owners, there are simply too many non-jerky, American-made treats available to take a chance on sickening your dog or cat with jerky, regardless of where it is manufactured.

And, what if it was your toddler who got into the dog’s chewies and was sickened? You would never forgive yourself.

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