“Just One Litter” Not A Good Idea

All of us want to do what’s best for our own animals, and for animals in general.

We have wants and desires for ourselves, too, and sometimes the two principles conflict.

Your litter of puppies might displace multiple pups who would have been adopted.
Your litter of puppies might displace multiple pups who would have been adopted.

For example, traditionally, if we have a dog that we especially like the size, behaviour, and temperament of, we want her to “just have one litter” before she’s spayed, “so we can keep one of her puppies”. The problem, of course, is that she doesn’t have just “one”.

If your dog has (or fathers) puppies, they take up homes that humane society puppies might have had. In fact, the “one puppy” that you wanted to keep could have been a humane society puppy you adopted.

You actually save two lives at once for every birth you prevent.

In just one shelter, the Humane Society of South Mississippi, 12,000 animals per year are put to sleep. That happens because of indiscriminate breeding of both wild and owned dogs and cats, combined with the lack of sufficient homes in which to place all those animals.

Multiply those local numbers by a nationwide epidemic, and a shocking statistic arises: About 8 million cats and dogs per year lose their lives to euthanasia.

That’s a lot of deaths.

Continuing on the subject of animal welfare, let’s talk about animal abuse. Abuse can take a number of forms, from animals being physically beaten to being deprived of food, water and/or shelter. If you see any of these forms of abuse, report them to law enforcement officials or local humane society personnel.

There may be nothing more for you to do from there. Often, it may merely take a bit of education for the pet owner for realize they are not doing what needs to be done for a pet’s basic needs.

According to Mrs. Frances Pike, President of the SPCA of Diamondhead, MS, “Often, public pressure results in changed behaviour toward the pet.”

If the desired change doesn’t occur, though, legal intervention may be necessary. That’s the time to forget the old excuse, “I don’t want to get involved”, and be a participant, by filing charges. You may be the only advocate that the abused pet has.

Take a stand.

Make a difference.

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