Kitten Takes A Long Trip

This little kitten is quite the traveler.  My friend from Sunday School, Andrea, found her on a shipment of lumber that had recently arrived from Arkansas.

Healthy and precious, but tired, the kitten with a story takes a nap.

She may have travelled as much as 600 miles, tucked into a pallet of lumber on an 18-wheeler.  We assume that she, her siblings and her mother had made their home in the lumber yard when the pallet was loaded.  Whether the others escaped then, or at a truck stop along the way is anyone’s guess.  Or, maybe she was all alone on the woodpile.

As a matter of routine, despite the obviousness of the futility, we scanned her for a microchip, and found none.  Her physical examination was normal and her fecal flotation was negative.

Barely cracking the eyelids to take a peek, the travelling kitten rests up before going to her new home.

Andrea found a good home for her, so the mystery story of the precious tortoiseshell kitten has a happy ending.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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