Kyjen Plush Water Bottle Buddy Dog Toy

If your dog likes some “crunch” in his toys when he chews, the Kyjen Plush Water Bottle Buddy Dog Toy will make him the happiest dog on the block.

And, it’s from Kyjen, so you know you can trust the quality.

Lots of dogs like to chew on plastic water bottles. Our Willie, professional toy tester, will get bottles out of the recycle bin when it’s overly full. That’s how attractive crunchy, crackly bottles are to dogs.

Unprotected, these bottles can tear and leave sharp edges. The caps can become swallow hazards. And, let’s face it, if there are a dozen of them lying around the living room floor, they are more than a little unsightly.

With the Kyjen Plush Water Bottle Buddy Dog Toy, a plain bottle is instantly transformed into a dog, cow, pig or sheep, in a variety of colors.

Inside the plush toy, your dog is protected from sharp edges if the bottle tears or cracks.

And the cap can be removed, glued on, or remain securely inside the toy.

Of course, some dogs are aggressive chewers and may eventually tear the Kyjen Plush Water Bottle Buddy Dog Toy open, exposing the bottle. If that happens with your Goliath, be sure to make all systems safe for him.

The sounds of a chewed-upon water bottle simulate natural reactions from dogs and each of the four available shapes and colors adds to the attractiveness.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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