Make A Friendly Visit To Your Veterinarian Often

Pets should visit their veterinarians often.

By “visit,” here, I don’t mean examination, vaccination or illness “visits.” Rather I’m referring to just a plain old come in, get a pat on the head, a treat, hang out a while, then go back home.

At Animal General Hospital we encourage these “visits,” especially during the puppy and kitten series, so that youngsters get into the habit of coming to the hospital to have some fun time with no medical intervention. As a result, we create patients who look forward to their trips to our clinic and pull their owners inside by their leashes.Another opportunity for frequent visits is the pet in a weight-loss program. Just as with people, monthly weigh-ins help to keep us on track, help us to know if we’re losing or gaining, and encourage us when the number on the scale goes down.

Your pet’s doctor may not have time to see your dog or cat each time he comes for one of these “visits,” but the staff will ensure he gets lots of hugs and a healthy treat every time he comes in.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.


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