Male Dog Penis And Sheath Discharge

The phone call started in an ordinary way, “Dr. Randolph, I need to make an appointment for Gus.”

A quick glance at Gus’ file in our computer system showed he wasn’t due for a routine visit, so I inquired of his owner about possible problems as a reason for the visit.

“He has a yellow-green discharge from his penis.”

A yellowish to greenish small-volume discharge from a male dog’s sheath is normal.

I closed the appointment book, and pressed F1 on the keyboard, sending the computer software back to the Main Menu.

“No appointment needed,” I explained to Gus’ master. All male dogs have a yellow-green discharge. It’s actually coming from the sheath, not the penis. Quantity can vary from undetectable to a drop, but it’s all normal.”

The material, which looks much like pus to the naked eye, is actually made of cells and lubricant fluid in the prepuce that surrounds the penis inside its protective sheath. It has a pungent, acrid smell and will sometimes be noticed where a male dog has lain.

Discharges from the sheath with other characteristics, such as blood, or a large volume of material that resembles pus, would be a cause for concern.

As for me, I’ll just have to wait for a big, sloppy Gus-kiss until another day.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.


  1. 10 month old golden retriever has been having on and off (mostly ongoing) green discharge, excessive amounts, and smells pungent. This has been going on for two-three months. The vet did a urinalysis and urine culture, also did some bloodwork. All came back negative. The only thing she noted was his urine was dilute and to bring in another sample from the AM, so they can rule out whether his urine is able to concentrate. We are truly at a loss a this point. We have done rounds of antibiotics, helped very little. She did a steroid ointment around the penis as she noticed some small bumps on his penis and was hoping this would help with the discharge as well. Nope…very worried about our pup. Not sure what to do, as the amount and smell cannot be a good sign or normal. Hoping for any additional suggestions or questions to ask her on our next visit in three days. We have literally been back and forth to the vet 5-6 times for this alone. They are an extremely good vet, heavily recommended here in Santa Barbara. Not sure if I should reach out to the breeder at this point. To ask if his mom has any health issues or if any of the pups in his litter has any health complications. We have had quite a few whether digestive issues with our dog and now this. Luckily we have health insurance, because we would be a few grand deep in just 7 months of having him.

    • It’s hard for me to comment on a patient I’ve never seen, but, I do say in the article that the normal discharge is greenish and stinks. Certainly it is concerning that the volume seems large to you. Let us know if you get the answers you seek. Thanks for reading, Dr. Randolph.

  2. Hello,

    My dog is is just over a year now and he often has discharge that is greenish in colour. I kept noticing small drops on my floor and finally realized that it was coming from him!
    After reading your acticle I feel that this not a cause for concern however, I would like to ask…will this ever stop? I have to clean my floors all the time and I can’t let him up on the couch because he leaves marks everywhere. Just curious if this will slow down at some point.


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