Maxx The Cat Comes To Complete Our Home

Loving a cat is just, well, different from loving a dog.

Well, it USED to be my La-Z-Boy!

For one thing, you never own a cat. A cat always owns you.

No matter how loving and affectionate your cat is, he still thinks of himself first.

That said, Brenda and I once again have a cat dwelling in our home.

Meet Maxx.

We first met Maxx when our client Miss Jean Ann brought him in as a stray. Her plan, from the beginning, was to get Maxx through his kitten series of vaccinations and neutered, then find him a good home.

Ever since we lost our precious Martha our hearts have been open to the possibility that God might send us another cat, so we were in no hurry to force it to happen. There was never any doubt that our time with Martha was meant to be.

While I knew Maxx was “available,” on the first kitten vaccination visit nothing about him touched me.

Likewise on the second visit. He was cute enough, but, well, plain. There was nothing special about his coat, his coloring or his personality.

However, on the third visit it was time for his preoperative laboratory testing prior to anesthesia and neuter surgery. When we held him to obtain his blood samples, he cried a low, little whimper, just enough to let us know he wasn’t particularly happy about it, but never did he squirm or ramp up his complaints.

Plaintive would describe his soliloquy.

Somehow, it was that little whimper that spoke to me. That, and the courage he showed in being brave for his phlebotomy. He showed me a side of himself I hadn’t gotten to see before.


And trust.

A willingness to allow himself to be in a human’s hands and have faith that the human would only do things that were for his good.

So, with Martha it was finger kisses and with Maxx it was a display of unlimited trust.

I took him home that very night.

That continues to be an ongoing source of endearment. Any time we pick him up he is willing to be turned onto his back and let his tummy be rubbed.

And he extends the same courtesy to us. With Martha, more than a few strokes of physical attention and she would respond with teeth. Not Maxx. “Pet me as long as you like,” he seems to say.

Of course, his constant purring is yet another endearing quality.

Dude! You're only a dog! You think you can get the drop on me?

Within the first 24 hours Maxx and Willie had checked each other out and come to the conclusion that they should be lifetime playmates.

And, as the photo below shows, sleeping partners.

A picture of dual contentment.

Life is good again. When the wound begins to close and the hurt lessens, it certainly feels good.

See you next week, Dr. Randolph.

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  1. We are all so excited to know Maxx has such a wonderful home and family. It was good to raise him and have him bless our home for a little while. Coco and Mercy looked for him, but seem to be glad to have the attention back just for them. We enjoy keeping up with Maxx’s adoption. Give him a tummy rub for me. Jean Ann

    • Thank you for getting Maxx off to such a good start. He is such a love! Any time we want to love on him he is ready with a purr and a roll-over onto the back. I’ll make sure to tell him on his first tummy rub tonight after work that it’s from you. Sorry Coco and Mercy. Your loss is our gain. Oh, and Coco…remember all those times Maxx tried to get you to play? Willie has taken full advantage of every play opportunity. Then, when they are tired from playing, they curl up and sleep together.

  2. Doc! you tell a heart-warming tale! so happy for you and Brenda and your precious little furry loved-ones.
    I love you both! My Pearl says ‘yay for the Randolphs!’

  3. Dr. Randolph! How great that you got a cat. He’s a cutie. As you know that we have two (Mopsy and Smokey) and I have to say Smokey is a handful. There are times that I would love to give him away; but than he gets into your heart just like Maxx has gotten into yours. And, it looks like Willie gets along really well with Maxx. That is so wonderful. They are so good company and than some. So, enjoy and I will see you when Mopsy and Smokey have their appointment for all their shots, etc. Thanks for sharing this with me. Ann

  4. Congratulations on the newest member of your family. Willie must be thrilled. Is Maxx really that much smaller than him? How old is he?

    I enjoyed reading how a little gesture by Maxx touched your heart. Isn’t that often how it is, with people too?

    When our Annabelle (dog) first saw Charles and wiggled up to him to cuddle, the look on his face told me we should keep her. With Tucker (dog), I saw him licking the hand of a little girl in PetSmart and it touched my heart. In contrast big galoot Duke just got dropped off here and has had to grow on us… but we do love him.

    • Willie probably won’t ever reach six pounds. With his hair, though, he looks much bigger. His size hasn’t intimidated Maxx one little bit. Maxx was ready to take Willie on from the beginning. I was amazed that it didn’t even take 24 hours for them to begin playing. So far they play “nice” together, although it sure looks rough sometimes. Obtaining a new pet really can be a magical experience sometimes.

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