Microchip Takes Another Pet Home

The lady burst through the front door with the most beautiful Cocker Spaniel I’d ever seen.

He was black and shiny, had a clean coat that was perfectly coiffed and a two-foot-long tongue hanging out of a happy mouth.

Oddly, I didn’t recognize either the dog or the lady. Just then, she spoke.

“Do you know this dog?”

I didn’t bother to tell her she was asking the wrong question, because I knew what the right question was, “Does he have a microchip?”

It turned out that he did. A quick scan and the lady was so fast on her cell phone that we didn’t even have an opportunity to offer our clinic phone to her. In no time she had called the number of the AVID microchip folks. Though the Cocker didn’t have an AVID chip, the AVID people were able to tell her whose chip it was and their phone number.

As fast as she breezed in she breezed out again, on her way to deliver this gorgeous pet to his obviously-loving home.

I also know the correct second question to ask, “Is your pet protected with a microchip?”

If not, call your pet’s doctor first thing Monday morning for an appointment.


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