Microchips Keep Families Together

Dopey the cat is back with his family.

Thanks to his microchip.

In Sacramento, CA, the Lane-Mills family lost track of their beloved cat in 2003. After years passed they assumed he had been hit by a car, though no body was ever found.

Somehow Dopey lived forty miles away in Winters, CA, for six years. When his new owner passed away Dopey was taken to a local animal shelter, where his microchip was scanned, allowing the company to contact the Lane-Mills family with the exciting news.

At our hospital we use the AVID microchip, though there was no information available about which brand of chip Dopey carried.

Stories like this are so gratifying. Daughter Katie gets to have her Dopey back.

Today, microchips are very affordable and every pet deserves one.

No word on the location of Sneezy, Sleepy Doc, Grumpy and the rest of the gang, or whether they were microchipped.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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