Modeling Animal Care For Our Children

Our pastor and I were reinstalling our church’s Easter cross in the yard this afternoon when I asked, “How is your squirrel problem going?”

“Funny you should ask,” Brother said. “I went into the attic Saturday and ran all of the squirrels out and nailed up hardware cloth where they went out, so I thought the problem was solved.”

“Thought?” I asked. “That sounds like something didn’t go quite right.”

“Well, yes and no. Saturday evening my daughter came to me with kind of a long face. Finally she said, ‘Dad, I’m sorry.’ What are you sorry for, honey? ‘I went up into the attic and found four little baby squirrels, so I took your hardware cloth down so the mama squirrel could get back in.’”

We were glad noone else was with us, as two grown men were choked up.

“You really raised her right, didn’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, I suppose that says I did,” he replied. “If I had known there were babies up there I would never have put the hardware cloth up in the first place.

How does one pass on one’s life principles to one’s children? By modeling proper behavior for them. This family of pet lovers is also a family of animal lovers, showing compassion for all of God’s creatures.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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