Mom’s Best Friend

There is a special relationship between a mother and a son.

Ask me. I know. I have a wonderfully loving mother.

But today’s story isn’t about me, or my Mom, or people at all.

Today’s biggest headline is about Chile and Husky, the mother and son duo who set out in New York City on an adventure that didn’t turn out like they planned.

I’m sure that when this daring pair escaped from their home while Dad, Andrew Harris, was at work they thought there would be a lot of fun in the city. They never thought about the danger.

It was danger they found on the Major Deegan Freeway, a place barely safe for cars, much less unprotected pooches. The mother, Chile, was hit by one of those cars and lay motionless on the pavement.


The son, Husky, knew that it was up to him if Mom were going to make it. Hero dog that he is, he ran circles around her, protecting her from oncoming traffic until police arrived. Then he thought it was his job to protect her from the police, too!

Fortunately, several of New York’s finest were able to distract Husky long enough to scoop up Chile and get her to Animal Care and Control in East Harlem. First aid was rendered there until Mr. Harris, seeing his dogs on TV, picked up Chile and took her to a private veterinary hospital. There, X-rays were taken and Chile had surgery to repair her fractured radius and ulna.

Meanwhile, remaining aloof, Husky continued along Major Deegan Freeway for 45 minutes before making his way home to the Bronx, feeling confident he had done all he could to help.

Today Husky was allowed to visit with Chile in the hospital. He seemed reassured that, less than a week after Mother’s Day, his Mom was going to be AOK.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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