Money-Saving Tips For Pet Health Care

Saving money could mean your pet gets his heartworm preventive EVERY month.
Saving money could mean your pet gets his heartworm preventive EVERY month.

How about a little tip to save money on your pets’ health care?

Many pet owners purchase their pets’ monthly heartworm preventive and/or flea control a single dose at a time.

For some, it’s a good way to remind themselves to give the medication every month.  Many people tell us they would forget if they bought more than one dose at a time. Still, there are many ways to overcome forgetfulness: 

  • All monthly medications come with stickers for your calendar to remind you to administer the medicine on the right day.
  • All of the major pharmaceutical companies have Web-based services that can e-mail or phone you monthly to remind you to administer your pets’ medication.

As with most quantity purchases, there are cost savings in purchasing more doses at a time. In addition, some companies offer additional incentives with quantity purchases.

For example, Pfizer Animal Health authorizes veterinary practices to give away a single dose of Revolution heartworm preventive/flea control with each box of six you purchase. Likewise, if you buy twelve doses at once you get two free.

The same applies to Merial’s products Frontline and Frontline Plus.

It might take a little “fruit jar savings account” for you to get ahead enough to make this purchase, but the dividends are substantial.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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