More Antics Of Emmylou And Willie

Thank you for indulging Brenda and me as we continue the saga of Willie and Emmylou.

For the scary start we got off to with Emmylou yesterday, things were unbelievably different by the time I got home from work.

Even as early as our arrival at home after the airport Emmylou had begun to be much more active. She was still pretty

How best to establish one's place? Raid the toybox! And, the food bowl, while you're at it!

timid at first in the new environment, but even before I headed back to the office she had found and invaded Willie’s toybox and his food bowl! Unable to eat in her “trance,” (even though there was ample food in her crate) she was undoubtedly hungry!  Like Willie, she’s a big fan of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Healthy Advantage Puppy Food.

And, what was the firsttoy she pulled out of Willie’s collection? Why, his favorite, of course, a bone with a rope that Brenda had assembled for him. How did she know? It’s a mystery.

I had some writing to do before I could go back to the clinic, so Emmylou decided she would prove that she was the “Daddy’s girl” I’d been promised. Sitting in my lap she was no trouble at all, completely willing to be perfectly still while I typed.

Emmylou. Daddy's new lap puppy.

The best surprise was waiting for me when I came back, though. When Sam and Blossum were little, they used to take turns, with one playing the rabbit while the other was the beagle. They would run and chase each other for what seemed like forever. Pearl and Peyton did that, too, when they were young, but never as energetically as the hounds did.

Remember I said one of our biggest motivators for getting Emmylou was to be a friend and entertainer for Willie? Tonight she was filling that role, with each of them taking turns chasing each other around and around the living room.

AND THEY'RE OFF!  Willie and Emmylou, in a contest to see who can be they most annoying to each other.


Mission accomplished.

See you tomorrow, Dr. Randolph.

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